Local GP Dr Andy Coupes – ‘Covid Question Time’ every Friday at 1.30pm

Dear All
This past few weeks I have been joining a meeting at 1.30pm on Fridays to listen in to a local GP , Andy Coupes, talk about Covid / vaccinations etc . People can ask any questions they like , no matter how small , and Dr Coupes gives excellent simple explanations .
He said last Friday that anyone could join the meeting and ask him anything related to Covid / vaccinations. He also likes to hear people’s feedback about their experiences of going to the various sites for the vaccination  so here is the link if you wish to take part:
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Neighbourhoods Covid Question Time

However you feel about the vaccine programme- you’re welcome to have your big, little and medium sized questions and concerns answered and addressed at a Covid question time – where we’re partnering Withington and Old Moat to learn together!    No question too bizarre – lets have fun finding out!

Fridays 1.30pm with Dr Andy Coupes, our GP neighbourhood Lead for Withington and Old Moat We  might not have all the answers straightaway – but we’ll do our best!!



Meeting ID: 868 6217 3267

Passcode: 8jakDQ