A message from Ayako

Here is  one of the self care messages that CGN volunteer Ayako sends out to the Tuesday Parent and Toddler Group  each week as a little boost . We know it is frustrating that they cannot be together as a bigger group at the moment, but the weekly messages are a reminder that they are still connected and thought of.

Here’s what Ayako wrote this week:

We hope you have been well and balancing yourselves with little ones and work and so on.   ‘Gratitude’ is the word we often hear and see under the current situation.  We have been really grateful that NHS working hard for us to protect and take care of us.

The following quote came to my attention recently:  BUT, how often do we thank our body?   So we would really appreciate it if you read through it with your little ones -aloud if possible.  Our body is working really hard.  It is easy to blame our body when something goes wrong.  Now is the time to appreciate, then your body will support you, balance you, and function you, which is the base of self care!!!

“Thank your fingers for protecting you.

Thank your toes and feet for bearing your weight and carrying you great distances down your path of life.

Thank your heart for maintaining a constant beat which pumps your blood
throughout your body.

Thank your arteries and veins for being rivers and streams that carry nourishment and breath to your internal encampments.

Thank your nose for bringing you all the pleasurable scents that are found in the forest.

Thank your eyes for beholding the beauty of the sunset.

Thank your skin for being your raincoat in the storm.

Thank your ears for helping you hear the symphony of the Universe.

Thank your tongue for giving your parched throat the experience of a cool fresh drink of water the beverage of the Creator.”

from “The Healing Drum ”  Blackwolf Jones and Gina Jones

Another quote to remind you…

” If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”  “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”  Buddha

Valentine’s Day is coming this weekend… make sure to give yourself a high level of light and love!!!   The best self care you can give to yourself.

We are thinking of you.  All go well and take care.