History Talk: Hulme Housing Clearances

The Hulme Housing Clearances video is at:
The Hulme Housing Clearances in Manchester UK – a presentation given to the Chorlton Good Neighbours history group on April 7th 2022. It includes the two Hulme clearances (post WW2 and then later in the 1990s), It includes a discussion of housing policies in Manchester and the fight to end the wholesale demolition of areas of Manchester which was eventually won in the 1970s
For those of you who were asking questions about the Hulme hippodrome , participant Barry has sent this info over too
Our May talk will be on Thursday 5th May at 1.30pm , with David Winpenny who will be looking at what inspired the creators of a whole variety of garden buildings, whose owners used to take refreshments and entertain friends in, and how different decades had varying influences . In the 18th century there was a proliferation of Chinese inspired pagodas and temples , in many gardens , whilst towards the end of the 19th century there was a taste for Japanese Tea houses . I will of course send out more details nearer the time 
I hope you have a nice Easter if I dont speak with you before or see you down here at the coffee morning ; this week our police colleagues are giving us a talk about avoiding scams and being a victim of fraudsters . PC McEvoy is talking at 10.30am if you are free to come and join us
All good wishes