Memory Boards

At Good neighbours, with the average age of members being nearly 80, it is inevitable that people die. With people who have been long term members and regular participants in coffee mornings and trips out, there is often a desire to remember them at Good Neighbours in some not too solemn way.

So we are trying out memory boards. These are just sheets of stiff white board where people can put up there own memories of a particular person on a post it note or photo. This last week we have lost two long term members and coffee morning regulars – Brendan McDaid who has been a long term volunteer and could always be found. quietly getting on with the washing up.

Brendan had been a volunteer for 25 years , unassuming quiet man , well read …so reliable and happy just to be with everyone and feel useful .He guarded the sink and did the washing up as though his life depended on it!   We will miss him very muc


Then there was Mickie Mitchell who this year became our third 100 year old member. Mickie was a remarkable person, one of the last of a generation who were active in WW2. In her case, Mickie was in the army and driving tanker lorries around Manchester during the blitz. Later she served in Germany just after the war and then Palestine

We have written about Mickie before see:

Mickie’s 100th birthday

Mickie Mitchell in WW2

The idea is that we will have the memory boards at a couple of coffee mornings for people to put up their contributions. We will then offer them to the person’s relatives and if they don’t want them , we will take photos of the contributions and keep them

Christine writing a memoryBernard looking at the contributionsto the memory boards 

PCSO’s visiting Good Neighbours look at the memory board