Joyce, Gagarin and Russian TV

Gurbir Singh at the Chorlton Good Neighbours History group, June 7th 2012 gave a talk about the day that Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmanaut and first man in space, visited Manchester on 12th July 1961. He came through Chorlton and was presented with a medal by the Foundry Workers Union based at Brooks Bar, Whalley Range. Several people at the talk had seen Gagarin on the day, including Joyce Baines  from Chorlton Good Neighbours  who worked in the Union offices where he visited and she shook hands with him.

Recently Gurbir was in touch with CGN because Channel One – a Russian TV news channel was seeking a video interview for a piece they are doing as part of a package for 12 April 2019 – Cosmonautics day.

We asked Joyce if she was willing to be interviewed and she agreed. Here is a picture of her following the interview with Evgeny Ksenzenko from Russia’s Channel 1 TV who travelled up from London to interview Joyce yesterday on March 5th 2019

We hope that when the film is shown we will get a link to it which we will post