Funeral Planning Workshop

CGN’s first Funeral Planning workshop took place at St Clements Church hall on 8th October when 25 people gathered to chat about issues, ideas and personal experiences relating to funerals.  Led by facilitators,  CGN chair Rev Ken Stokes, and local Co op funeral Director, Jane Dyer , participants  were given information about the different types of services and funerals available , what you need to do if you want your body left to medical research and all the legal aspects that need adhering to.

We also shared  in groups what information might be needed when planning a funeral and also what ‘nice’ funerals we  had personally attended and why. The afternoon was very successful , with participants having a laugh , enjoying hearing other people’s stories and  taking home a ‘pushing up daisies ‘ form and folder to fill in or discuss with their own family members. Everyone felt the atmosphere was very positive and supportive and one  participant wrote” it was a fantastic afternoon, great to be a part of it”.

We hope to plan another session for Spring 2020 but let us know if you want to be included next time.