Gerrard’s The Builders Zoom history talk: Thursday Feb 4th at 1.30pm

David Roughley is giving the next Zoom history talk on Thursday Feb 4th at 1.30pm on Gerrard’s The Builders 
We will circulate the zoom invitation to the talk nearer to the time
The building firm of J. Gerrard and sons was started in 1864 by Jonathan Gerrard.  The business became a major construction company  based in Swinton and was  known for their reliability and quality of workmanship.  In 1973 the were taken over by Leonard Fairclough & Sons Ltd and became Fairclough Building Ltd.
David was brought up with a saying that Gerrards built half of Manchester and that you were never more than 500 yards away from a Gerrard’s Building. So, he has  put it to the test on the powerpoint presentation. He has also included 3 Gerrard buildings in the Chorlton area, 2 of them Grade II listed and one now demolished, and also takes a very quick look back into WW2 where a lot of top secret work was carried out by the company which included making wooden towers for radar and radio transmission and making decoy sites to fool enemy bombers. This not widely known history of an important local building firm will be certainly well worth coming to