Nakib Narat’s HistoryTalk on Ellen Wilkinson Jan 6th 2022

Nakib Narat’s HistoryTalk on Ellen Wilkinson Jan 6th 2022

Nakib Narat’s Talk on “Red Ellen” Wilkinson given to the Chorlton Good Neighbours History group on Thursday Jan 6th 2022. Ellen is sometimes called “Britain’s forgotten stateswoman”. She was though born in poverty in Manchester and only 4 ft 9 inches tall. She became one of the most influential and well-known politicians in the UK during the 1930’s & 40s . Ellen was a novelist, MP and Cabinet Minister. She organised women into trade unions, improved job security and sickness benefits, joined the Jarrow March to London and helped found UNESCO. Alongside this she had affairs with men like Peter Mandelson’s grandfather Peter Morrison- and Otto Katz- Stalin’s man in Europe. There are lots more interesting facts to learn about this remarkable woman